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  Colorado Division of Wildlife
      Living With Wildlife
      Living with Wildlife in Lion Country
    Living With Lions-Brochure
    Living with Wildlife in Coyote Country
     Living With Bears in Colorado
       Attracting Birds, Not Bears
    Don't Feed the Deer!
      How to Make Your Outdoor Cat a Happy Indoor Cat
Protecting Your Home from Wildfire
  Firewise Colorado
  USFS Fire Activity
Ips Beetle  (Colorado State University)
      Ips Beetle on Loghill
Noxious Weeds
   For questions or comments contact:
  Ouray County Weed Control
       115 Mall Road
     Ridgway, CO 81432
Other Sources:
         Colorado Weed Management Association
         Noxious Weeds Found in Loghill Village
           (Photos supplied by Dickson Pratt)
    Native Plants
  Native Plants of Greater Loghill Village (supplied by Dickson Pratt)
       Photos - Wildflowers
         Fact Sheet - Native Plants
         Fact Sheet - Native Grasses
         Wildflower Resource: -  Wildflowers of Colorado's Western Slope
                                         (Available at local bookstores & shops)
    Tracy's Thistle
    Some residents have been killing Tracy’s Thistle along neighborhood roads, in the mistaken belief that all thistles are noxious weeds. Tracy’s Thistle (Cirsium tracyi) is a native wildflower and valuable wildlife plant. The flowers are used by hummingbirds, butterflies, and bumblebees and the seed heads are a major food source for goldfinches.
        Fact Sheet
      Colorado Native Plant Society – Plateau Chapter
      Colorado WaterWise Council
  Dark Skies
  International Dark Sky Association The Light Pollution Authority
       Good Neighbor Outdoor Lighting    
     Eco-Friendly Outdoor Lamps
    Note:  The Ridgway Public Library has many resources available regarding
           the above subjects.
If you find a bad phone number or broken link above, please email