LHV Phone Directory
The Loghill Village Phone Directory is provided as a service to the Loghill Village Home & Property Owners Assn. for its members.  Please do not redistribute or disclose.
LHV Phone Directory
  LHV H&POA Board Members
  Jim McCarthy President 970-729-2548 LHVPresident@LoghillVillage.org
Rob Ashmead Vice President 970-626-5169 LHVVP@LoghillVillage.org
  Larry Meyers Treasurer 970-626-9825 LHVTreasurer@LoghillVillage.org
  Austin Ray Secretary 970-708-8551 LHVSecretary@LoghillVillage.org
  Barry Doyle ACC Liaison 970-626-9862 ACCLHV@LoghillVillage.org
  Jim Myers LHVPRD Liaison 970-318-0763 jmyerstx@aol.com 
  Al Lowande At-Large Member 970-626-4194
  Richard Niemeier At-Large Member 970-964-5325
  Courtney Meyers At-Large Member 720-437-0611
  Dickson Pratt At-Large Member 970-497-0579  

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LHV H&POA Board Minutes
June 21, 2006 2006 Annual Meeting 2007 Annual Meeting 2008 Annual Meeting
  2009 Annual Meeting 2010 Annual Meeting 2011 Annual Meeting 2012 Annual Meeting
  2013 Annual Meeting 2014 Annual Meeting 2015 Annual Meeting 2016 Annual Meeting
  2017 Annual Meeting 2018 Annual Meeting 2019 Annual Meeting  

LHVH&POA By-Laws LHVH&POA Membership Form  

  Architectural Control Committee - ACC Members – Unit I, II and IV
  Barry Doyle Chairperson 970-626-9862 ACCLHV@LoghillVillage.org
  Roze Evans      
Arlen Huggins
  Dennis Michaud      
  Richard Niemeier      
  Dickson Pratt      
  Ted Rector      
  Kevin Spooner      
  Covenant Enforcement Committee – CEC
  Rob Ashmead Chairperson 970-626-5169 LHVVP@LoghillVillage.org
  Compliance Staff      

LHV H&POA Covenants
  Unit I Unit II Unit IV

  LHV H&POA ACC Criteria & Standards and Approval Forms
  ACC Criteria & Standards
Pre-Construction Approval Form
Form for No-Deposit Projects
  Final Approval
  Dark Sky "How To"



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